Courthouse Shops




“I love sharing my heritage with the community,” Phyllis Kalajian, owner.

Nordikreations opened July 2016 in the Courthouse Shops. Kalajian has been making jewelry since 2007 and now sells handcrafted Scandinavian and Viking-style jewelry and imported and handcrafted Scandinavian and Viking-style merchandise

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Antique Vault & Records



“We're on a mission from God…making the world a better place one record at a time!" – Michael Flores & Charles Parkhill, owners. 

The Antique Vault & Records humble beginnings started with two guys that bought sold and traded cool old stuff at flea markets and estate sales. The duo grew weary of traveling in their box truck. One day while having lunch in downtown Crown Point, they decided to check the historic Lake Courthouse and noticed a vacancy that was an actual bank vault in the old courthouse. They both looked at each other and smiled and said; "We're on a mission from God..making the world a better place one record at a time!" The Record Vault & Antiques opened in 2016 and is a one stop shop for all your vinyl needs. We sell awesome turntable set ups... vintage stereo and modern rigs, and even a special cleaning kit to keep your vinyl shining and sounding great! We always have cool vintage and antique items at the best prices.

Unlike most antique stores in Crown Point we are there to answer questions to make sure you’re well informed on anything you want to buy.

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