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A Dickens of a Christmas

A play by Marion Kellum


Bob Cratchit ---------Ed O'Brien

Grandma------------Tanya Osborne

Tim-----------------Glen Christman

Mother--------------Pam Seaman

Alfred, aged 12 -------Landon Copabello-Stokes

Annie, aged 14 -------Shallyn Copabello-Stokes

Lil' Eb, aged 10 -------John D. Eenigenburg II

Mellie, aged 9 -------Melanie Zurbriggen

Anastasia, aged 9 ----Anastasia Sakaleros

Naki, aged 8 --------Erini Sakaleros

Fiddler (playing original music) ------

Matthew Hanzel


Dana Zurbriggen (Director), Sue McHugh, Gayle Weeks, Janeen Christman, Beth Moreno, Caroline Frahm, Madie Eenigenburg, Elizabeth Eenigenburg


Les Osborne -

Set Design and Construction, Projections and Sound Effects

Dwaine Winstead - 

Lighting Design and Control

Sue McHugh -

Assistant to the Director

Gayle Weeks -

Assistant to the Director

A Special Thank You to:

* Kit Deganhart and the Crown Point High School Theatre for the loan of lighting equipment and costumes.

* Jeff Nicholls for his excellent photos of the cast.

*The parents of our talented young actors for their generous support and sacrifice of time and effort.

*The managing director and staff of the Historic Lake Court House

* Donna Selvaggi and Cyndi Roberts for promotion.

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 It is 1863, 20 years after Scrooge's amazing transformation. Tiny Tim is a married father of six. The children have heard Grandpa Bob Cratchit tell the tale of Scrooge and his visitors every Christmas of their lives. This year will be different.